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Students, Teachers and Parents

  • Put students, teachers and parents at the center of decisions about district budget spending, including relief funds through meaningful and inclusive community engagement. This will mean more money for each school community to decide how to invest in their schools and best meet their needs.


Community Schools

  • Create Community Schools with resources such as mental health, service learning, and career and life training for children and families. Also, allow teachers and counselors the flexibility to offer hands-on learning guidance for every individual student. The state’s recent $3 billion fund for Community Schools is a great opportunity for Fresno Unified to lead the way.


Equal Opportunities

  • Ensure that finances are not a barrier for any student’s college and career ambitions by recruiting funders and partners to invest in areas like college savings accounts, internships, and credentialing programs. 


The special election to fill this seat will be on Tuesday, April 12, and I would be honored to earn your support.

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